Feed Safety platform

The network Feedsafety aims to gather institutes
and stakeholders working to the use, development
and validation of analytical methods for the feed sectors. 
This platform was created in 2006 by a joint collaboration 
between CRA-W, RIKILT and EC-JRC-IRMM to promote
the advances in the feed analysis.


Our research activities are dedicated to the development of analytical methods performed in the framework of European and national funded projects


Legislation, research and risk assessment focuse on animal by-products, feed additives, banned additives, GMOs, veterinary drugs, botanical impurities, mycotoxins, heavy metals and dioxins


Linked to its activities, the web correspondents of the network provide the news and events regarding the analytical issues for the feed sector


The purpose of these triennial Conferences is to give an overview of the latest legislative, scientific achievements and industrial progresses in the feed safety problematics