Feed safety platform

EC projects on Feed Safety
BIOCOP (FP6-Food,IP): Coordinator Ch. Elliott – Queen’s University Belfast – UK
New technologies to screen multiple chemical contaminants in foods
BIOTRACER (FP6-Food, IP): Coordinator Prof. J. Hoorfar – National Food Institute Technical University – Dk
Improved bio-traceability of unintended microorganisms and their substances in food and feed chains
CONFFIDENCE (FP7-Food) : Coordinator J. de Jong – RIKILT – NL
Contaminants in Food and Feed: Inexpensive Detection for Control of Exposure
DIAC (FP5): Coordinator Dr P. Korytar – Wageningen IMARES – NL
Dioxin Analysis using Comprehensive Gas Chromatography
DIFFERENCE (FP5): Coordinator Dr P. Korytar – Wageningen IMARES- NL
Dioxins in Food and Feed – Reference Methods and New Certified Reference Materials
Feasibility study food and feed safety
Development of natural alternatives to anti-microbials for the control of pig health and promotion of performance
FEED-SEG (FP6-Food, SSA): Coordinator B. Greidener – University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna – Austria
Healthy Feed for Safety – Dissemination of research results of EC funded research on feed quality
FEED-TO-FOOD (FP7-Food) : Coordinator Dr Jovanka Levic – Institute for Food Technology – Serbia
Reinforcement of feed to food research center at institute for food technology of the university of Novi Sad
FEEDFORHEALTH (COST ACTION) : Coordinator L. Pinotti – University of Milan – Dept. of Veterinary Sciences and Technology for Food Safety (VSA) – Italy
Feed for health cost Action
FEEDING FATS SAFETY (FP6-Food,STREP): Coordinator Dr. R. Codony – University of Barcelona – Sp
Quality and safety of feeding fats obtained from co-products or by-products of the food chain
MONIQA (FP6-Food,NoE): Coordinator R. E. Poms – ICC – At
Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the food supply chain
MYCO-GLOBE (FP6-Food, SSA): Coordinator Dr A. Visconti – ISPA-CNR – It
Integration of Mycotoxin and Toxigenic Fungi Research for Food Safety in Global System
PHIME (FP6-Food, IP): Coordinator Prof. S. Skerfving – Lund University – Sw
Public health impact of long-term, low-level mixed element exposure in susceptible population strata
POULTRY-CHECK (FP5): Coordinator Prof. Timo Lovgren – UTU – Fi
Screening for coccidiostat residues in the poultry production
QSAFFE (FP7-CP): Coordinator Ch. Elliott – Queen’s University Belfast – UK
Quality and Safety of Feeds and Food in Europe
REPLACE (FP6-Food, STREP ): Coordinator Dr J. Wallace – Rowett Research Institute Aberdeen – UK
Replacing Antibiotics in Animal Feed
SAFEED-PAP (FP6-Food, STREP): Coordinator Dr. V. Baeten – CRA-W – Be
Detection of presence of species-specific processed animal proteins in animal feed
SAFEWASTES (FP6-Food, STREP): Coordinator Prof. Dr. C. Franz – University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna – Austria
Turning organic waste into healthy feed
SIGMACHAIN (FP6-Food, STREP): Coordinator Prof S. Ward – University College Dublin – Ireland
Vulnerability of food and feed chains to dangerous agents and substances
SIMBAGFEED (FP5): Coordinator J. De Jong – RIKILT – NL
Screening and Identification Methods for official control of Banned Antibiotics and Growth promoters in Feedingstuffs
SRMTEST (FP5): Coordinator P. Reece – CSL – UK
Detection of specified risk animal tissue in cooked meat products
STRATFEED (FP5): Coordinator P. Dardenne – CRA-W – Be
Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs
Strengthening food and feed safety in primary production
TAMPER-PROOF FEED SAMPLER project (FP6 + FIRM): Coordinator Prof S. Ward – University College Dublin – Ireland
Enhanced Feed traceability of the poultry meat chain through Tamper-proof feed sampler and E-tracking technology
Increasing networking and upgrading administrative capacity in the management of food and feed safety


Other projects on Feed SafetyBelgium
FARIMAL: Coordinator G. Berben – CRA-W – Be
New methodology for the species determination of animal products in feeds: combination of micro-spectroscopy techniques and Real-Time PCR


The Netherlands
Banned Feed additives: Coordinator Dr Jacob de Jong – RIKILT – NL
Method development for banned feed additives in feedingstuffs.


AVIAN BIOTRACK (FIRM): Coordinator Prof S. Ward – University College Dublin – Ireland
Enhanced traceability of the poultry meat chain using biometrics and e-tracking technology


EURL on Feed Safety
EURL – Animal Proteins: Coordinator V. Baeten – CRA-W – Be
European Union Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins
EURL – Dioxins-PCBs: Coordinator: Dr R. Malisch – State Institute for Chemical and Veterinary Analysis of Food – D
European Union Reference Laboratory for Dioxins and PCBs in Feed and Food
EURL – Feed Additives: Coordinator Ch. Von Holst – DG-JRC-IRMM – Be
European Union Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives
EURL – GMOs: Coordinator G. Van den Eede – DG-JRC – It
European Union Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed
EURL – Heavy Metals: Coordinator Ph. Taylor – DG-JRC-IRMM – Be
European Union Reference Laboratory for Heavy Metals in Feed and Food
EURL – Mycotoxins: Coordinator J. Stroka – DG-JRC-IRMM – Be
European Union Reference Laboratory for Mycotoxins


Scientifical and technical committees
CEN/TC 327: Chairperson: J. De Jong – RIKILT
Animal feeding stuffs
Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health, Section : genetically modified Food and Feed & Environmental risk


Internet resources
Animal Nutrition Research Group
ARIES: microscopy coordinator L. Van Raamsdonk – RIKILT – NL
Animal Remains Identification and Evaluation System
EFPRA: President Leth Nielsen – DAKA – Dk
European Fat Processors and Renderers Association
European Food Safety Agency
International Association of the European Manufacturers of Major, Trace and Specific Feed Mineral Materials
FEEDSAFETY network: Coordination team CRA-W – DG-JRC-IRMM – RIKILT
Network gathering institutes and stakeholders working to the use, development and validation of analytical methods for the feed sectors
European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation
EU association of feed additives and premixtures operators
IAG: President Dr. Inge Paradies-Severin – LUFA – D
International Association for Feedingstuff Analysis – Section Feedingstuff Microscopy
International Feed Industry Federation