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The European Commission has funded several projects dedicated to the development of detection methods of animal proteins. These projects resulted in several overview and research papers. PDF files of these papers are available on this page.


SAFEED-PAP (FP6-Food, STREP) [Coordinator Dr. V. Baeten – CRA-W – Be]: Detection of presence of species-specific processed animal proteins in animal feed
SRMTEST (FP5) [Coordinator P. Reece – CSL – UK] : Detection of specified risk animal tissue in cooked meat products
STRATFEED (FP5) [Coordinator P. Dardenne – CRA-W – Be] : Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs

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IAG [President Dr. Inge Paradies-Severin – LUFA – D]: International Association for Feedingstuff Analysis – Section Feedingstuff Microscopy
ARIES v.2.1 [microscopy coordinator L. Van Raamsdonk – RIKILT – NL]: Expert system « Animal Remains Identification and Evaluation System »



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STRATFEED classical microscopy protocol (2005)