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The Decision Support System ARIES (Animal Remains Identification and Evaluation System) aims at the support of the detection and identification of animal proteins in animal feeds. It provides a full range of animal descriptions as well as a range of plant parts and minerals that can be confused with animal material. The package can be used to support and document the actual identification in common practice and is capable of being used as a training system. ARIES is made available as a stand-alone system (CD-ROM).


STRATFEED project: strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs, granted by the European Commission under contract G6RD-2000-CT00414.


ARIES is based on information collected by all microscopy partners in the STRATFEED consortium and is developed in the program package Linnaeus II produced by ETI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Coordinator: L. Van Raamsdonk

ARIES demo